Even after 70 years of independence, more than 40 million households are without electricity in the country. Kerosene lamp are primary source of lighting in houses without electricity during the night time. Kerosene lamps come with health and safety concerns given fumes from kerosene lamp and fear of catching fire. Further during night time kids face difficulties in studying while the adult finds it difficult to work till late evening/ night to earn extra income.

Lite-A-HomeTM – an initiative started by Mr. Harpreet Singh Tibb who believes in Doing Well by Doing Good for the Society. It’s an initiative which gives our customer a unique opportunity to brighten up a life of someone who doesn’t have electricity at all in his/ her home. When you install the plant, on your behalf, we as a company gift a solar home lighting kit to a family which doesn’t have electricity at all.

The Lite-A-HomeTM program started in Mokhada Taluka, Palghar District close to 6 months back. 50 Solar Home Lighting Kits were gifted to families staying at villages such as Ruipada, Takli Pada & these families discovered the joy of brightness during night time. The program has managed to create an impact on 3 core parameters of kids education, health & safety & improving the savings for the family.

Pramila Ankush Mali
You can also light up a home by gifting a solar home lighting kit worth Rs.2625/-. Please click here to light up a home.