Now, installing a rooftop solar plant & enjoying Solaron’s triple benefits is within an arm’s reach of the end customer. With a minuscule maintenance cost and attractive payback period, it is highly recommended to install a solar rooftop plant.

Joining the solar revolution is easy with multiple financing options,

100% Self Funding
Loan Financing

Invest your funds to maximise the benefits of a rooftop solar plant. Typically a payback ranges between 3-5 years. The solar modules have a performance warranty of 25 years and one can enjoy free electricity for 20+ years. To know your exact payback period & saving, click below.

Loan Financing
Loan Financing

National & Private banks offer loans for the installation of a solar rooftop plant at residential & commercial premises. One has to typically invest 30% of the total plant cost and the balance is funded by the bank. We also have a partner that provides an unsecured loan for the solar rooftop plant. To know more, click below.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

You can also sign up for a power purchase agreement (PPA). One does not need to invest upfront for the installation of the solar rooftop plant. You only pay for the energy consumed in the month at a pre-determined price, which is lower than what you pay to the electricity company. The customer has to satisfy certain key criterias to avail a PPA. To know more, click below